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Welcome to Harmony Farm on the Big Island of Hawaii where Susanella The Pet Chef shows you how easy it is to feed your dogs and cats the natural foods that they need to be truly healthy, clean and happy.

I hope you've found my site because you're curious about homefeeding your pets. Here is the solution to the pet food recall! Every day I hear from more pet owners who have overcome the brainwashing by the pet food advertising and who are starting to realize that they should feed their dogs and cats REAL food just like Mother Nature intended and exactly like our grandparents did.

"Home cooking beats anything in a can or bag." -- Dr. Ihor Basko D.V.M.

Many of us are justifiably finding fault with the artificial, toxic foods produced by the name-brand giant pet food manufacturers in what Dr. Martin Goldstein D.V.M. labels, The Great Pet Food Conspiracy. Read what the experts say and you'll find the proof that dogs and cats lived longer before we started giving them artificial food. At The Perils Of Pet Food you'll learn why the veterinarians go along with the conspiracy and why our pets are succumbing to cancers at an alarming rate because of what we're feeding them.

The facts are in: The pet food industry has been lying to us. The very next meal you give your dog or cat from a bag could contain the fatal dose!

The recent pet food recall is just the tip of the iceberg. That's why the FDA is finally stepping in and the analysis is showing more than one toxin, which is what Ann Martin (Foods Pets Die For) has been saying for years!

I am not a veterinarian nor a certified nutritional expert. Neither were my grandparents but they used the trusted pet recipes and formulas that were passed down for thousands of generations long before the advent of commercial pet food. I have spent the past 12 years studying animal nutrition and compiling recipes and results from successful homefeeders like myself.

I can help you get started in the right direction. Learn how to detoxify your dogs and cats. There are complicated menus and scientific formulas about how to feed dogs and cats but the conflicting information can be so overwhelming that some of us get bogged down before we even get started. All you have to do is to use your own common sense, follow the EASY steps at Start Homefeeding Now, and remember the words of Dr. Ihor Basko D.V.M., "Home-cooking beats anything out of a can or bag" -- isn't that the truth for us, too?

The ideal food for dogs and cats can be found at Hare Today!

Since companion dogs have been eating from their masters' tables for more than 30,000 years, it makes sense to prepare recipes for the whole family, both two and four-legged. This multi-species method will save you money because all the leftovers are dog food! Teaching children to cook for the dog is fun and will insure that future generations will not be hoodwinked by the false advertising of pet food manufacturers who are making fortunes from literally poisoning our animals.

Cats are new to domestication, having only entered our hearts and homes some 7,000 years ago. They evolved in arid climates and are designed to eat raw meat. I can show you the easy way I homefeed cats and promise that you'll never clean up hairballs again!

I also invite you to enter my musical world where you can visit my flute teaching studio and meet my students. You can hear me perform my compositions, which have been featured on television productions around the world, with the brilliant instrumental ensemble, Cordillera.



© 2010 Susanella Noble



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