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Here's The PURRFECT Way To Homefeed Your Feline Friends


After a lifetime of unintentionally poisoning my favorite cats,

I've learned the most important thing:


They are "Obligate Carnivores" 


Please read How To Start Homefeeding Your Pets first

Cats are the finickiest eaters on the planet. Unfortunately, felines instantly become addicted to the chemicals in commercial foods and would rather starve than eat a healthy meal of real food. It isn't always easy to be smarter than one's pets but, if you want your cat to live healthier and longer, bite the bullet now and switch to raw food. They NEED raw food because they haven't evolved enough to eat dry out of a bag or cooked from a can. They also can't get the chemicals from a bag that stimulate their natural instincts so they are slaves to their addition. 

You might have to take all food away from your cats for several days before they are willing to try ground raw turkey, chicken or hamburger. (Cats can go for two weeks without food!) If you have been feeding dry food, you can expect them to go through withdrawal symptoms for 30 days, a detox equal to heroin in humans.  Start out homefeeding cats with only raw meat but you might have to sweeten the pot with canned tuna in water or some cooked chicken or turkey for a week -- anything to get them off of the crunchies!  A few weeks after they start to eat the raw meat, you can occasionally add the grains and vegetables.  Their systems can tolerate all the bacteria that are found in raw meat = don't worry.  It's convenient to buy raw, ground turkey or chicken frozen in tubes and squeeze it out.

Remember that cats are obligated to eat only fresh, raw meat -- it is biologically essential to their survival!!! (read it in any dictionary!) They also are intolerant to most carbohydrates.  Therefore, the ideal diet for cats would be the raw, fresh meat of rodentia (mice, voles, squirrels, rats and rabbits) and birds including the contents of their stomachs.  Logic tells us that domestic felines do NOT like to get wet, nor do they bait a hook and fish for their dinner, therefore fish is not an indigenous food for cats. 

Don't expect to share many meals with your feline friends but do watch for their cues about when they want a sample of something you're eating. Be sure it doesn't include chocolate, dairy, onions or pork. 

Cats must have TAURINE, which is an amino acid found only in fresh animal and seafood tissue.  It does not cook out of seafood so you can occasionally give cats canned tuna packed in water or other seafood delicacies.  A deficiency of taurine causes blindness and cardiac problems.  Artificial taurine is added to commercial food and is not acceptable.

A cat can NOT drink enough water to compensate for eating dry kibble. When they are fed raw meat they won't need to drink as much water.

If you have been feeding your cats from a bag, get ready for the 30-day detox.  I suggest taking away all food for the first 24 hours, then introduce raw, ground turkey, chicken or hamburger until they begin to eat it.  You can tease them into trying it by adding cooked poultry or canned tuna in water.


This is an ideal, complete diet for cats.

It's inexpensive (cheaper than vet bills)

It's easy (squeeze out the turkey or slice with a knife)

It works! My cats are glorious!


Feline Feeding Formula:

Meat 100%

        ground raw hamburger, chicken or turkey

Allow cats to eat as much as they want for a month until they have detoxified and you will get an idea of how much to feed them. When eating a strict diet of commercial food, cats do not feel satiated but, when they eat real food, they will tell you how much they need.

Natural Supplements For Cats

Use a balanced vitamin & mineral supplement with chelated amino acids  --  I use only  Dynamite Specialty Products specifically Liquid Purrformance.


Water - H20 Cats should not be big water drinkers because they get most of their moisture from raw food but keep fresh water in front of them daily.

Do NOT Feed Cats the following:

  • Chocolate  contains theobromine which is a cardiac stimulant and a diuretic; the darker the chocolate, the higher the toxic effect

  • Dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, cream and raw eggs) As soon as kittens are weaned from their mothers they become lactose intolerant to ALL dairymilk products. Sure, they like to lap up milk but it acts as a purge to their systems. Continued feeding of dairy can actually poison most cats.

  • Onions, shallots, elephant garlic & leeks  all members of the Liliaceae family contain large amounts of thiosulphate which causes hemolytic anemia.

  • Grapes/raisins  have a mold that causes acute renal failure

  • Pork

  • Raw lamb meat  carries the coccidia parasite that can be transmitted to humans

  • Dry, processed cat food  contains artificial nutrients which cats can't use; causes skin allergies, cancers, tumors, digestive tract problems, diabetes and shortened lifespan.


Important Tips

Cats will use up every bit of raw food that you give them.  That means they won't have frequent stools.

Cats will urinate more because they are getting the proper level of fluids in their diet.

Hairballs disappear when you homefeed cats raw meat!!!!

Cats do NOT need crunchies to clean their teeth.  All they need is good food and their teeth will stay clean.

Homefeeding raw foods to your cats will only cost a few cents a day more than the commercial high-priced crunchies and will save you huge vet bills in the future.

You can actually reverse the effects of commercial pet foods but it will take time. However, teeth will not grow back.... 

After 120 days on raw, a cat's entire system will be rejuvenated. They will be healthier and more playful.

Our human allergies to cats disappear!

Please feel free to contact me with questions or if you need moral support.




© 2011 Susanella Noble