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These links lead to informative websites about homefeeding dogs and cats


Supplemental Nutrition For All Creatures

Dynamite Specialty Products


Canine Nutrition

"Alternative Feeding Practices" -- World Small Animal Veterinary Association

Animal Wellness Magazine -- Includes Q & A with Dr. Goldstein, diets and referrals

Animal Protection Institute:  What's Really In Pet Food

The BARF Diet by Dr. Billinghurst:  how to homefeed raw meats

The Bravo Raw Diet:  a distributor of organic, real foods

Canine Nutrition by William D. Cusick

Dog Chefs Of America

The Dog Food Project -- a MUST for every dog owner!

Feeding Your Dog Home-cooked meals

Healthy Foods Happy Dogs  Pat McKay's E-book on how to feed dogs

Home Prepared Diets For Dogs & Cats  by Susan Moss

Simply Schnauzer Nutrition

Skin Problems Can Be Cured With Proper Nutrition

The True Horrors Of Pet Food Revealed

Trends In Home-Prepared Diets For Pets:  The Weston A. Price Foundation

Two Dog Press


Feline Nutrition

Animal Protection Institute:  What's Really In Pet Food

Learn How Easy It Is To Feed A Raw Diet  Jayne Anderson has a fantastic site with all the facts!

The Raw Food Diet For Cats

Foods You Should Not Feed Your Cats  Please ignore the foods they sell.  When they mention "raw fish" this does NOT include raw seafood!

Healthy Food Happy Cats  Pat McKay's E-book on how to feed cats

Holisticat:  Raw Diets

Natural Paws:  Raw Diet For Cats

When your cats are allergic to their food their teeth rot, they have skin problems and they form lick granulomas.  Find out more from The Pet Place but do NOT buy dry pet food from them!

Feline Instincts  Promotes raw meat diet for cats and sells supplements

Raw Food Diets For Cats

Is Raw Meat Safe For My Cat?

Raising Cats Naturally

A Kinship With Animals:  Kate Solisti has videos on feeding dogs and cats




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Animal Communication

George Gay, Life Coach and Animal Psychic

George is a personal counselor for pets and their owners who can help with problems or reveal delightful surprises. He is a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Certified Fellow in Nursing Science and Advanced Researcher in the Nightingale Society. George lives in Kentucky but offers phone consultations and frequently travels to clients.

The moment that George and I met we knew we had a special connection and it only took us a couple of minutes to discover that he had owned the mother of the horse that I had when I was a kid!


Visit Amelia Kinkade, the great animal psychic, who can teach you how to "hear" what your pets are saying.  In her book, Straight From The Horse's Mouth, she writes:  "..cats and dogs tell me the biggest culprit in destroying their health and happiness is commercial pet food." She's savvy enough to suggest, "There's an easy alternative to commercial pet food. Feed your animals what you eat. What you spend on food now, you'll save on vet bills later."


Holistic Veterinarians

All Creatures Great & Small, the holistic veterinary services of Dr. Ihor Basko D.V.M. on Kauai and Oahu, Hawaii.  He has published a good cookbook for homefeeding

Locate a holistic vet at Animal Wellness Association

Veterinary Institute Of Integrative Medicine


Tibetan Terriers "Su-Khyi" 

Tibetan Terrier Club Of America

Meet The Buckaroo

Gaucho's Homepage

How To Homefeed Tibetan Terriers