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How To Start Homefeeding Your Pets

Do you recall the sweet, warm scent of a young puppy?  The fresh breath of a kitten? As our dogs and cats age, they smell like what we feed them.  My dogs and cats have that new-born, clean, kissable scent.

"Home cooking beats anything in a can or bag."  Dr. Ihor Basko D.V.M.

The decision to try homefeeding your pet is a giant step, especially for those of us who have been brain-washed by the pet food industry. If we question why our most beloved dog or cat dies too young of cancer or suffers from kidney failure or diabetes, at some point we need to realize that somebody has been lying to us and we shouldn't believe what we hear on television commercials.  For many bereaved pet lovers there's an overwhelming sense of guilt deep inside that plunges them into denial and often makes them stick with what they've always done and they continue to poison their next dog or cat.

Throw it all away! Throw away the guilt and throw away that bag of pet food.  Start the detoxification right now because your dogs and cats are going to have some serious withdrawal problems. 

It was a slow process for me so I understand that we all have to cope in our own way. We have to study and make our own decisions based upon our personal lifestyles, our families and the individual requirements for our breed of pet.  It was so hard for me to put down that very first bowl of hamburger, rice and grated carrots in front of my dog, Buckaroo, for fear that he would fall over dead in his tracks.  But the look on his face told me that his dream had come true!  His continued good health and his vigor proves that it was the right decision all those years ago.

I can spot the glow of a homefed dog or cat from a distance and, if I can smell their breath, I can tell for certain. The best thing about homefeeding cats is that they don't have hairballs!  Symptoms of pets who are fed from bags are: bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, skin allergies, kidney and digestive problems, body odor, cancers, tumors, shortened lifespan and their feces will smell like toxic waste.

You can't have it BOTH ways.  If you feed your dog or cat crunchies and think you'll help them by supplementing with table scraps, it will just upset their system.  When their digestive tract is coping with enormous amounts of artificial vitamins, minerals and other toxins it won't be able to process the real food and they'll have diarrhea.  That's why we're told not to feed table scraps.  It also doesn't do much good to spend a fortune on vitamins and supplements for your pets if you're continuing to poison them.

Most people worry more about their pets' nutrition than they do their own or their children's.  It's ironic that most concerned pet owners learned everything they know about animal nutrition from television commercials.  Think about what our pets' ancestors ate for thousand of years before the invention of artificial food?  No matter what the brand or the claims, if it comes out of a bag it can't be "organic" and it can't be good because it has been cooked twice to be extruded and has lost all of the natural nutrients.  If it comes out of a can, it's been cooked and doctored with chemicals and that is NOT acceptable.  Your dogs and cats are not lesser beings and deserve real food.  It also helps boost their natural immune system.

The most important benefit of homefeeding comes from your dog's point of view. Since you are the leader of his pack but you don't share your food with him, he thinks that you really haven't accepted him as a member. The moment he sees that you take food from your mouth and give it to him, and you continue to give him your food every day, he will understand his place in the hierarchy and treat you with more reverence.

I can show you how easy it is to feed your pets right along with your own two-legged family or yourself. This is the way you can try to reverse the physical problems created by having previously fed commercial pet food.  Remember the time your dog got sick and the vet recommended feeding rice and hamburger for a few days?  Keep it up for life and add some veggies.

The First Five Steps To Becoming A Successful Pet Chef

#1 Throw away all the bags and cans of commercial pet food in your house. Don't do another animal harm by passing it on to a friend. Instead, pass on your decision to homefeed and share what you've learned.


FOR DOGS: start immediately with a simple oatmeal, cooked meat and raw vegetables recipe which will help them through the detox period.  See Buckaroo's Favorite Breakfast.  Keep fresh water in their bowl.

FOR CATS: remove all food for 24 hours but keep fresh water in front of them; start with a tablespoon of raw, ground turkey; after several days of eating turkey you can begin to add grains and vegetables. If you're desperate, give your cat cooked meats the first few days to jump-start them onto real food. Cats are slaves to their addiction and sometimes we need to outsmart them to get them to eat what they should.

#3 Read what the objective experts say and study to see what diet is best for each pet.  (See my LINKS page)  Do not believe the nutritional advice of a veterinarian who sells dry pet food in their clinic.

#4 Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian for a checkup and share with them your decision to homefeed like our ancestors have been doing for thousands of years.  Be prepared for them to disagree because most vets have been brain-washed, too.  Have a blood test run on each pet to make certain they're getting the proper nutrition and this will help convince your vet.  Supplement with a natural, organic vitamin and mineral product if needed.  I recommend Dynamite Specialty Products

#5 Keep your kitchen sanitary. Do not cross-contaminate raw meat with anything!  You can separate pet dishes from human but you'll soon recognize that everyone is eating the same thing = real food.


Observe your pet for changes in health and behavior and keep a journal.


What Will Happen When You Start To Feed REAL Food To Your Dog Or Cat?

  • The first thing that is going to happen when you stop the crunchies is that your pet will need to detoxify. They may appear to be sick for a few days but you have to allow at least 30 days for the chemicals to leave their system and 120 days for their blood to completely rejuvenate.  Do NOT cave in and return to the bag, even for the sake of convenience because you will have to start the withdrawal all over again.

  • It will take four months before your pet's system begins to show major signs of improvement.  Be patient.

  • Homefeeding will boost your pet's immune system

  • Your pet will have more POSITIVE energy and a better attitude

  • Their breath will start to smell sweet and they will lose that stinky body odor

  • Fleas and ticks will shy away from them

  • Their stools won't smell like toxic waste

  • Cats will NOT have hairballs

More and more pet owners are waking up every day and taking the plunge to homefeed.  If you don't want to take the time, then please order real, fresh food from your local gourmet pet food distributors.

Once you see that you can feed your pets virtually the same food that you eat, it becomes easy to homefeed.


Please feel free to contact me for moral support or suggestions