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Welcome to Harmony Farm

home of

Susanella THE PET CHEF

Gaucho and Buckaroo welcome you to the good earthship Harmony Farm on the Big Island of Hawaii where you'll learn how to whip up a recipe for success that will help you bond with your pets and make them healthier and happier. 

Susanella has created a unique, new cooking show that will teach you  how easy it is to prepare home-cooked meals for your family and your guests, both two- and four-legged! She gives you an alternative to feeding the unacceptable commercial pet foods.


All the critters at Harmony Farm on the Big Island of Hawaii want to see what Susanella has in her magic picnic basket.

You'll meet Lio, the Hawaiian horse

and Dora Jane

Susanella shows you how to use traditional recipes and shares her own culinary creations and, guess what? All the leftovers are dog food (with the exceptions of chocolate, grapes and onions).  She shares informative tips about everything from training and grooming to recycling.

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