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Susanella Noble: Flutist & Composer



Hosted by L.L. Prindle Design


Lou Ponder:  Director; Post Production Editor & Videographer

Productions for CBS, MTV, ESPN, BBC, "E", TechTV, C/Net, Citywatch TV, RYKO, TIVO
Instructor:  Academy of Art College, San Francisco
Film Festival Credits:  Frameline, NY Underground, Honolulu Underground + Finland, Melbourne, Amsterdam, London, Vancouver, Minneapolis

Ron Zisook:  Graphics Designer & Videographer

University of Illinois - BA Graphic Design
Designer with Jack Levy Advertising Agency, Michigan Ave., Chicago
NBC:  Graphic Designer
MTV:  Video Designer & Special Effects Editor
Ted Turner Productions:  Colorist & Animator
City TV San Francisco:  Award-winning Art Director

Ami Capen:  Videographer

University of California Berkeley:  BA Film & Ethnic Studies
Producer/Editor:  "Finding La Llorona"
National Geographic Series:  "Strange Days On Planet Earth"
PBS award-winning documentary "In The Light Of Reverence"
Latino Film Festival Instructor of  Documentary Film Making
Instructor Academy Of Art College & Film Arts Foundation

David Alden Wells:  Videographer

University of Utah:  BA Film
Produced & Directed Independent Film "Social Suicide"

Bindy Rushton:  Production Supervisor

Dog Trainer & Veterinary Assistant 13 years
President of Zoomer Electronics
Microelectronics Degrees from NRI
Homeschool Teacher
Tae Kwon Do Black Belt 

Wendy Duke:  Set & Wardrobe Designer

Institute Of Interior Design, Washington D.C.:  Graduate Degree
Smithsonian Institute Intern
Discovery University, Lexington, VA:  Director
Art Director for "Courisidad", Washington, D.C.
Rockland Art Center:  Founding Director & Cable TV Producer
Maryland Governor's Citation For The Arts


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