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Homefed Feline Success Stories

Just a few of the tails


I found my people late one night while they were laughing and walking hand-in-hand down the street.  I could tell they were contented and very much in love with each other -- purrfect!  I danced and darted, I sang and caressed them all the way to their door and then I invited myself in to stay.  They bought me the most expensive so-called organic crunchies and canned cat food and gave me occasional tidbits of real, tasty meat but they didn't realize what they were doing to me. I gained weight and became more lazy, sleeping more and more.

Our lives have been quite lovely together and occasionally we have guests come and visit.  My favorite auntie, The Pet Chef, came one blustery winter and I cuddled up with her at night to sing her to sleep.  To my delight, she sang a duet with me, a song about no more kitty poisons, about a life without chemicals, a life with food that was actually good for me.  She made me "pinkie swear" that I wouldn't eat the crunchies ever again to prove to my people that I was ready to change.  But I was addicted to those crunchies.  Once my people stopped feeding me crunchies, I ran around the house screaming, tearing things up, wouldn't eat anything really for 3-4 days.  I even broke into my crunchie container on my own one night.  I was desperate for a crunchie fix!   My precious people perservered and gave me only raw meat and seafood.  My Mom also gives me oatbran and makes me little salads of lettuce and whatever greens she's got. 

About a month after eating only raw foods I awoke one morning, jumped up in the air and discovered I was a ballerina!  I love to pirouette and levade.  I AM CAT.

An email from Moochie's Mom

"Miss Moochie Moo Moo is very rarely seen drinking water.  While she was being poisoned, the first thing she wanted to do in the mornings was to go to her outside pond and drink water.  Now it's breakfast first. Well, Miss Moochie, our darling, thanks you anyway.  All day yesterday she was out romping in the snow.  She is one happy, energetic, toxic free kitty!  Oh, and NO more hairballs!"

We give Moochie daily vitamins, and occasionally some oatmeal mixed in with the lettuce and put through the processor, mixed with the turkey balls.  She now eats turkey balls, tuna, and scallops.  You can get bagged frozen scallops when they are in season. She has slimmed down too.  (Maybe we should all go on this diet!)



I had never really felt well for all my 17-something years because I had been fed dairy and Science Diet my whole life.  I loved the taste of both but my body was no longer functioning -- I was throwing up all over the house, peeing on the carpet and had wasted away to skin and bones.  I was so nasty that the vet didn't want to treat me anymore.  One day I knew that I was leaving this life.  As I sat in my person's lap, breathing my last few breaths, my mama was told to feed me real food ASAP so she gave me a can of Swanson's chicken meat.  I started to lap it up and, within a few hours, I could sit up again.  On this steady diet, I regained most of my health but I was still not feeling my best.  One day my person gave me raw, ground turkey and, within days, I started to purr for the first time in years and started to play like a kitten!  Like Tony The Tiger says, "I feel GRRRREAT"!  Now I wake my person up before the crack of dawn and tell her it's time for turkey!

Note:  Amanda flew over the rainbow in March 06 at the age of 20.  She was sitting in her Mama's lap purring one moment and the next, she was in heaven.  She had three years of remission from the cancer caused by the food she was fed (another victim of Science Diet). 


Ele Ele Popoki ("black cat" in Hawaiian)

'Dis Local boy, me no get da kind wha bad. Me eat da raw turkey wha ono! I be da popoki a da night.



I'm four years old and have had kidney problems my whole life because I was being fed expensive crunchies from a bag.  The evil dog who lives with us has had to be chained up because she attacks me and I was pretty miserable.  To prove how unhappy I was, I peed on my parent's bed.  But then my parents did exactly what The Pet Chef told them to do and they started to feed me raw, ground turkey.  I instantly started to feel better, both physically and mentally.  I stopped peeing in the house and began to feel like a real cat.  To prove this, I ATTACKED the evil dog and now she leaves me alone.  I am so athletic that my feet never touch the ground!  I can leap from the piano to the couch to the coffee table to the chair to the counter for I AM CAT.  My parents love me more every day and I am happy.

  Taz and his dad

A note from Taz' dad

Within minutes of switching to raw meat I saw an instinctual change in Taz and it was a no-brainer, we had done the right thing. His kidney problems disappeared! He's more active, has a better attitude and has developed muscle mass.


Prissy de Plume

What a lucky girl I am! When I was just six weeks old, my mama brought me home and immediately began to feed me raw, ground turkey. I love it, I am beautiful, I am healthy and happy. My tail is so fluffy that it measures 5 inches across.




I am a vicious hunter! See how I have caught the evil blue shark that has terrorized our home! My wonderful people rescued me from the pound and love me with all their hearts. They only give me raw ground turkey, tuna in water and Dynamite Liquid Purrformance.







© 2008 Susanella Noble