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Ashante Gaucho Marx

a.k.a. Gaucho Mio

Tibetan Terrier AKC #NM840920/01

My Mamaperson came to see me when I was just a few hours old.  She kissed me and promised to love me forever.  Because I was the only baby in the litter, the snack bar was open 24/7 and I got so fat that I couldn't use my legs. 

Here I am in Mamaperson's lap

She took me home with her when I was three weeks old and held me next to her heart every moment until I grew up and could romp and play. I have been homefed my whole life!

I love all my babies and keep them in bed with me.  If I like someone who comes to visit, I will take them one of my babies.

     Mamaperson knit me this sweater because I get cold.

I never had to eat that nasty food from a bag because my Mama had learned to homefeed by the time I came to live with her.  My teeth are shiny white and my coat is silky. 

I can do all sorts of tricks and I love to wear funny costumes.  I'm not a show dog like Buckaroo but I am a TV star at heart.




© 2008 Susanella Noble