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and welcome to

Susanella THE PET CHEF

An enchanting recipe for success!

Watch for us on Big Island TV



Susanella welcomes you to Harmony Farm on the Big Island of Hawaii where

you'll meet her terribly-terrific Tibetan Terriers, Buckaroo and Gaucho.

They show how to whip up wonderful meals for people which they can

share with their animals that will actually make them healthier and happier.

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Favorite Family Recipes For People And Dogs

Highlights of the show include:

Five unique, delicious recipes for both two and four-legged appetites

What NOT to feed dogs

Ecological tips about gardening and recycling

Pet training and grooming tips


Gaucho and Bucky are the real stars of the show! They were patient, professional and never missed a cue. Bucky had to repeat the scene where he gets his napkin and puts it up on the placemat about 25 times because of a jiggled camera or bad angle, lighting, etc. -- never a complaint! But he did a Houdini and took off to visit his girlfriend next door wearing his apron to the delight of the neighbor children...



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