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Say NO to hairballs!


Are you sick and tired of your cat throwing up hairballs?


Here's the SOLUTION!



(cats MUST eat raw food)



(this is what ruins their teeth and health)


The Purrfect Feline Formula


We should only feed cats what they are designed to consume.  The raw fat in the meat will pass the hair through your cat correctly, the way Mother Nature intended.  Cats are designed to process more than just their own fur from grooming, they can easily digest bones and bits of fur from mice as well as a few feathers.  But when we give cats dry, artificial food full of chemicals and flavor enhancers, their systems don't work correctly.  A cat can NOT drink enough water to compensate for eating dry food.  It doesn't matter if you buy the most expensive commercial hairball formula in the universe, if it isn't raw then it isn't good for cats.

Felines evolved in desert climates where water was scarce so they need to get most of their moisture from raw meat.


Common Questions

Will my cats get worms from raw meat?      


What about all the bacteria in raw meat?    

Cats are genetically equipped to deal with the bacteria

What is the matter with canned food?       

Canned food has been cooked which removes all the natural amino acids, vitamins and minerals; cats must eat raw

Can I get sick from handling raw meat?      

If you feed human-grade raw, ground poultry you won't get sick.  You can buy frozen meat in tubes and squeeze it out so that you don't have to touch it or use a spoon.

Can I feed my cat Vaseline for hairballs?     

No.  Vaseline is a petroleum product.  You wouldn't feed your cat gasoline.

My cat won't eat the raw, ground turkey.  What shall I do?   

You must be patient.  Your cat has probably been fed highly addictive chemicals and doesn't know what real food is.  Take away all food for the first 24 hours and then try a teaspoon of raw, ground turkey or chicken.  If your can't won't eat at all for a few days, you can help bridge the gap by mixing the raw with some cooked meats or canned tuna in water to jump-start the transition. 

I took away the dry food and my cat went crazy.  What's the matter?    

Your cat will got through a detox period equal to heroin withdrawal in humans.  It will take 30 days before your cat will start to lose the desire to eat the chemically-laced dry food.  It will take 120 days for the chemicals to completely leave his/her body and for your cat's natural instincts to start to kick in.  The amino acids in raw meat stimulate the "instinct center" of the cat's brain and they will start to feel healthier and more playful.

   The biggest benefit of homefeeding cats is that they lose the unnatural dander that makes so many of us allergic to them.  I hear wonderful stories about cat owners weaning themselves off of medication for their cat allergies!

How do you feed your cats?

Here's the truth. I just feed them raw ground turkey and Dynamite Liquid Purrformance. That's IT!

Most cats will jump right in and start eating the raw poultry as if they have been missing it their whole lives!

If you really want to feed you cats 100% of their daily requirements naturally, please invest in Raising Cats Naturally by Michelle T. Bernard 

Please feel free to contact me with questions




© 2008 Susanella Noble